'59 Chevrolet Apache

Why did you pick the Apache?

I have always loved these trucks. They are kind of the last of the curvy type trucks. Also my wife really likes it and as she is my head financer I had to appease her. ;)

What is your favorite thing about the truck? 

I like that the body is so rough. I hardly ever clean it and I am really able to enjoy the truck. Not spending my time polishing it with a diaper. and I don't worry about it. Something falls on it in the garage, no big deal. I put a dent here or there and it just adds character. The truck is built to drive and enjoy.

What have you done to it?

Truck has full air ride suspension from Porterbuilt and accuair. Wood bed. Custom vinyl bench seat. Stereo, Indian blanket interior accents. 

Also custom fauxtina paint job done one Saturday night till 4 in the morning. We had a show the next day and wanted to look all one color of old. 

Any future plans for the truck?

FIX ALL THE GREMLINS!! Satin clear coat and maybe an LS.

- - photos // emilio rocha  |  owner // matthew pewewardy