The Perfect Road // KS-4, K-141, K-140

After initially planning to make K-140 our next road to investigate, a brief detour through Lindsborg offered up an alternative route we couldn't turn down.

Lindsborg, known here in Kansas as "Little Sweden," is a small town peppered with painted horses, an incredible old bar, and a proud heritage that has helped keep Swedish culture alive in the Midwest. (Our recommendation: bring your Volvo!)

If you're coming into town from the south end, you'll want to connect with East McPherson Street and head west. East McPherson Street will connect up with KS-4, a scenic byway that offers some unique views and easy access to a few of the more notable attractions in the state. It's worth pointing out, this road isn't full of twists and turns, nor does it offer a great deal of elevation. Instead, you're paired with long views of beautifully maintained farmland, a few abandoned homesteads, and a road so smooth you'll forget how heavy your foot really is.

After heading about 15 miles west on KS-4, you're presented with the opportunity to change course. Take that chance and head north on K-141. This new stretch of road almost immediately carries you across the nice, long dam that keeps Kanopolis Lake State Park in business. It's truly an incredible view of one of Kansas' best and most scenic state parks. The bad news is that the lake view is relatively short-lived. The good news is that, while not an overly busy stretch of road, once you're past the lake traffic begins to thin out.

At just under 14 miles, K-141 will spit you out onto our initial road of interest; K-140. Here you'll have to decide if you want to head west, to Ellsworth, or back east, to Salina. Both directions have their perks but, to be honest, neither will knock your socks off in terms of incredible views or engaged driving.

While the driving may not get your blood pumping, there's plenty to see and enjoy on this route. Some sights worth mentioning if you're out this way include the Ol Stuga in Lindsborg, the castle at Coronado Heights, the Kanopolis Lake State Park cave, and Mushroom Rock State Park. 

- - words & photos // james sanny

In the pursuit to find some of the best roads in Kansas, we recently took to Google Earth and began scouting the entire state from above. During this search we ran across a variety of roads, all over the state, that look like they might bring the pleasure back to driving. Throughout this summer we'll be traveling across the state to visit these roads and give them a proper run.