IFO // An Import Lifestyle Event

Tired of domestic shootouts at the local drag strips, Cliff Wallace pooled together all his pennies, rented out the local track, and hosted his own automotive event aimed specifically at the import scene. Since 2001 Import Face Off has continued to grow and host events all over the country. They boast a full day of events that embrace the import culture, including a car/truck/bike show, quarter-mile drag races, stereo contests, models, vendors and more.

We recently visited the spring 2017 IFO event in Topeka, KS and decided to throw together something with a bunch of our footage. While we definitely didn't capture everything IFO has to offer, we do think this is a nice snapshot of many of the cars involved!

- - photos // logan reaves & emilio rocha  |  video // logan reaves, emilio rocha & james sanny