'13 Scion FRS

Why did you pick the FR-S?

I've always been obsessed with the 1986 Corolla "AE86" and I've owned 6 of them, building them up as well. One day Toyota announced the upcoming FT-86 and that it was being designed in the spirit of the AE86. I instantly knew I needed the car in my life. After several years the car was released and I was one of the first in my town to own one.

What is your favorite thing about your Scion?

My favorite thing about my car is that I am the only owner in its history. I like knowing everything that has been done to the car and how it has been treated. Honestly there is nothing better than knowing the true history of a single vehicle. I also like playing with the air suspension.

What have you done to it?

List of mods:
-Tropical Glitz purple flake for the dash trim
-Custom shift knob made by IG:Mr__Grip
-Vertex 10 star steering wheel -NRG quick release
-Custom built air suspension based on the BC BR coilover system
-Parts Shop Max lower control arms
-Work Emotion CR2P wheels with bronze lips and silver faces Front: 18x10.5 -5 Rear: 18x11.5 -26
-Nexen 245/35/ZR18 tires
-Stancenation green lug nuts
-SpeedByDesign G1 turbo kit
-Open Flash Tablet tuner
-Custom down pipe back exhaust
-RocketBunny v1 over fenders
-RocketBunny rear diffuser
-Vertex side skirts
-Some eBay shit front lip (cause no build is complete without a cheap eBay part) plus I destroy these regularly
-Big country labs spoiler
-Custom mixed purple paint
-I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it at this time.. 

Any future plans for the it?

Future plans include installing an all motor LS2 6.0L, some sort of functional hood, then fix the small stuff and save it for my kid.

 - - photos // emilio rocha  |  owner // barry trisdale