BTS // Project Ford GT

Last winter I had the opportunity to meet up and work with a local guy who really enjoys cleaning up people's cars. His name is Andrew Holder. Operating out of his own garage at the time, Andrew explained that this offered the freedom to work with people who had a true appreciation for their vehicle. He wasn't looking for people who only had cars as a means of transportation. He wanted to revive that connection between owner and car. He wanted to remind them of what they fell in love with in the first place.

Fast forward a year later and I find myself documenting the same guy, quite literally wrapping up work on this 2017 Custom Gulf Blue Ford GT. This uniquely incredible machine was entrusted to Andrew based on the phenomenal work he's been doing with other iconic cars in the area. While his main function when working with vehicles generally revolves around detailing, for this car he decided to take things a step further.

Over the past week Andrew has been hard at it, wrapping this 2017 Ford GT in Suntek Paint Protection Film. Knowing that this job would be a huge undertaking, he enlisted the help of professionals from Hutchinson (KS), Bentonville (AR), and Gonzales (LA). These four guys have prepared this car for all the driving joy it was meant to experience, minus the rock chips.

My job in all of this has been to capture video of the process. The prepping, cutting, applying and everything else. Of course, as a photographer, I had to grab some photos throughout this whole experience. After all, it's not ever day you get to spend this much time with such an unusual car.